Dear friends –the teachers and students of Kisomachi Sec. school, and Mr. Sabbas,

First of all we want to thank you for the warm welcome at the airport and your school. The amazing talent show, the time at the workcamp, the beautiful t-shirts and all the other little and big things we can’t all mention right now.

Your hospitality means the world to us. Asante Sana!

Over the last couple of days our students and we the teachers have learned more than we would have learned in several months in school in Germany.

Your joy and affection never stop to amaze and inspire us. We enjoyed working hand in hand on the topic of human rights with you during the workcamp.

The song, the wall-paintings and the theatre play nicely reflect how well all of us have worked together the last couple of days.

Yesterday at the talent show you presented a beautiful poem to us that we really enjoyed. Asante!

However, there is one point in which we disagree with you!

Given everything we have said before, we don’t feel like we are a mother to you but we rather feel that we are like brothers and sisters.

Just like you say you profit and learn from us, we profit and learn from you, too. In more ways than you can imagine.

Our friendship has grown beyond anything we expected 25 years ago. We cherish the memories we have collected over the last years, for example planting trees together or your visit to Gladenbach this May.

We hope that our learning together will last forever and that our family bond will keep growing stronger in the future.

Just like Mr. Mande so rightly said yesterday: Kisomachi and Gladenbach forever!

Thank you! Asante Sana!

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